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SW Trip part 6


As I was enjoying sunset on our first evening at the Grand Canyon I noticed a couple walking to the overlook dressed much differently from the rest of the tourists. They were wearing nice clothes – he was in a suit and tie and she was wearing a dress and heels with a nice coat. It was chilly for bare legs. They held hands as he led her through the crowd of folks  with cameras and cell phones in hand to capture the evening’s sunset. When they got out to the wall he announced for all to hear that he was going to propose to her right there and he handed his cell phone to a complete stranger and asked her to take pictures. Of course, many, many people were taking pictures and it was quite the scene! The woman looked astonished and happy as he knelt in front of her and carefully unwrapped a scarf from around a ring box and opened it and then asked her to marry him! She wasted no time accepting his proposal and he slipped the ring on her finger! It will be a Grand day for them to remember.

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