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After digging and cleaning our razor clams one day we went to the Quinault Rain Forest. It rained. Not too much while we were outside but it did rain. It probably rains there most days. How else would it ever be so green? And how many shades of green are there? It’s really amazing to wander in these green places and feel the moisture and breathe the clean air. We enjoyed the songs of Pacific Wrens and Varied Thrush. On the river we saw Harlequin Ducks.


  1. Your lab is totally adorable, not that his friend is not, but he gets me. And beautiful photos 🙂

  2. Such a different forest from yours, and each so beautiful. I think I can guess which forest your dogs prefer; leashes are probably not their favorite thing. Beautiful photos of one of my favorite places.

    • They can do leashes for limited times especially if we are both there to handle them. If I have to have both dogs on leashes by myself, it’s a big challenge.

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