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On my birthday, we drove to the Quinault Rain Forest and enjoyed a lovely walk in the green, green forest. Everything was lush and growing, growing out of everything else it seems. Trees were tall and covered with moss and lichens. Water dripped off of every surface despite the fact that we had partly sunny skies. Luna particularly liked the smells of the rain forest. For the first half of our walk, we mostly had the place to ourselves but later in the day, it was busy and we all returned to leashes.

After digging and cleaning our razor clams one day we went to the Quinault Rain Forest. It rained. Not too much while we were outside but it did rain. It probably rains there most days. How else would it ever be so green? And how many shades of green are there? It’s really amazing to wander in these green places and feel the moisture and breathe the clean air. We enjoyed the songs of Pacific Wrens and Varied Thrush. On the river we saw Harlequin Ducks.

According to the Olympic National Park website, the rain forests of the Olympic Peninsula are some of the most spectacular examples of primeval temperate rain forest in the lower 48 states. These rain forests once stretched from southern Oregon to southeast Alaska, but little remains outside of protected areas. The region gets 150 inches of rain every year and with moderate temperatures trees grow amazingly big. And there’s not just trees. Shrubs and ferns and fungi of all types are prolific and often seen growing out of trees and dead logs. Some logs are known as ‘nurse logs’ and support an entire group of trees and other plants. We spent part of a day in the Hoh Rain Forest and were also able to explore a bit of the rain forest near Crescent Lake and along the coast.




Maple trees



Mixed conifers



It’s a long ways up there



Alders growing close to the river



Another gnarled maple



Nurse log



We walked this trail



I don’t know if these are mosses or something else?



Moss spores



And lichens on an old fence





Ferns grow everywhere!



Out of tree trunks



Way above me



And out of a small branch



This tiny mushroom was barely an inch tall



Lots of big three-leaf clovers



Skunk cabbage grows and blooms where there is standing water






A tiny blossom – possible another berry?




Sapsucker holes



Pacific Wrens serenaded us everywhere



Have you heard of Salmon in the Trees? I found this salmon jaw under a big tree. We were nearly a mile from the river.



A sinus cold has been sucking all of the energy out of me recently. It’s been all I can do to keep up with the basics and we had a family event a couple hundred miles away from here to attend over the weekend. It was great fun seeing everyone and being part of the festivities surrounding a 50th Anniversary Celebration. And I do enjoy road trips and a change of scenery. But being sick away from home is never fun. I think I am starting to feel better this morning.

Here are a few images from the road trip.


Obviously, not in the Methow anymore, Toto.



Nope, this isn’t our forest.


These maple leaves are HUGE, almost a foot across


Color or black and white?


I have enjoyed ferry travel since I was a little girl


Did you know that ferries bring Christmas trees?


This has something to do with an old movie called Harry and the Hendersons, I think









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