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Stella Luna Doodle Bounce

October 7, 2006 – November 9, 2022

Luna was the happiest, friendliest dog I’ve ever known. She never met a person or dog she did not want to get to know. Even those that seemed unfriendly towards her. She was also an independent thinker and sometimes would figure things out for herself. She always wanted to go for a car ride, even as she grew weaker and weaker in recent weeks. It was hard to get out the door and leave her behind. She loved a campout in the forest or at the beach. She loved to meet new people. She really loved a good party! She was always in the middle of it. She was a wonderful big sister to Sky. Luna was alert to the world around her. She rarely growled but if she did, it was time to pay attention. Cougars and bears would make her growl. Cats too. Sixteen years is a long time for a big dog but it’s never enough when we lose our animal family members.


  1. My condolences! Thank you for sharing so many of the precious moments you shared. Your photos capture Luna’s personality in amazing ways!

  2. Dear Teri and Ken, Luna brought joy to so many of us through your wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing the love. Sending heartfelt condolences, Pat Leigh

  3. So grateful you had Luna and gave her a beautiful life filled with love and adventure. I’m glad I knew her and she brought you 16 years of blessings. It’s so hard to say goodbye to our fur babies, but she will be with you forever. I hope she’s romping with Gabe over the rainbow bridge. Hugs to all of you. Corly

    • Susan Burgdorff Beery
    • Posted November 10, 2022 at 8:52 am
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    Teri, I am so so sorry to hear of Luna’s passing. What a lucky dog she was to be part of her special caring family, as were all those who got to know her. She is very much missed. Take Care, Susan

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  4. Good dog. Good life. Our 1st dog lived to 16 too. Pretty good.

  5. I am so glad I got to meet her. When I commented on Skye’s athletic talent, you said, she is very strong, but Luna is the smart one.
    Such a precious friend…

  6. So sorry to hear about Luna. I remember when you
    first got her after returning from your stint at RMSP.
    Lost my Abbycat after 21 years. Still miss her.

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