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Through a series of planned and unplanned events, we got to spend the weekend with Rozie. And her people. But I didn’t get any pictures of her people. Just Rozie playing in the snow. Sky really likes Rozie.

Sky shakes from front to back.

Winter is coming to an end. Mud season has begun. From the looks of it, it will drag on for quite a few weeks. There is still two feet of snow on the ground. Mostly it’s been too soft to walk on recently so we’ve had to stick to plowed roads or ski trails for exercise. Still looks like we are having fun.


The dogs and I go for a walk every morning, regardless of the weather. Once this winter it was too cold to get very far and another day it was too icy for me to walk safely but those are the exceptions. We walk on the road on our hill and a trail through our property. They are familiar with the scents of others that walk these routes and when they come across a new one much time is spent examining it and I imagine the two of them talk about it too. Sky often looks for new sticks but not as much as she did last year when she was more of a puppy. Luna is often content to walk near me. Most days a bout of dog play erupts and if we have other people or dogs with us, it is even more vigorous. Usually Sky starts it with a ‘puppy sneak’. Luna knows what’s coming.

We were not able to bring home the little brown puppy. The vet reported that she might have an abnormality in one of her vertebrae and since we plan to have an active busy dog, she suggested we get another one. So Ken went back and picked out a little black lab puppy from the same litter.

We brought her home one week ago and she is rearranging our lives constantly! Her name is Night Sky Star Shine – Sky for short – and she is nine weeks old today. At first Luna was unhappy about this new addition to the family. Sky bit her ears, jumped on her, took all the toys and declared the big dog bed to be hers. She also soaked up all the attention! Two or three days into this, Luna decided she was going to have to learn to live with her and began playing with Sky. Sky adores Luna and tries to follow her everywhere. That’s good for when we go on walks. Sky is also independent and will go off in her own direction if we don’t pay close attention. She is starting the process of house training and yesterday actually went to the door to say ‘it’s time’. Of course, we are diligent to take her outside every time she wakes from a nap and a couple times at night when she wakes up. And she gets special treats for relieving herself outside. So far, so good. We have been introducing her to lots of people and other dogs and she seems to enjoy just about everyone that she meets. I’ve been taking her for walks at different locations and she always enjoys them. She is ruled by her nose and can find some of the most disgusting things. How do I get her to stop that?

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