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The girls and I recently returned from a nearly three-week road trip to California, Nevada and Oregon. Our main destinations can be designated by the types of rock that dominated the landscape – granite, sandstone and basalt. This is the first part of the granite region.

We camped for a week on the edge of the eastern Sierra’s in the midst of all shapes of rocks with the snow-capped mountains as our constant backdrop. The views were never ending and always amazing. We met our friends from Montana there, including Willow’s half sister, Juniper (Junie). They were dubbed the botanical sisters and we soon learned that they were two peas in a pod, constantly playing and always looking for each other. They proved the old saying, a tired dog is a good dog. There will be pictures of them in a later post, although not too many. They were too fast.

There’s going to be an overload of posts coming from this area. It was my favorite and I look forward to seeing it again.


  1. Just gorgeous, Teri!

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