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And dogs. I had to go to the Okanogan to do some business yesterday and a friend suggested a short field trip to look for birds. I could hardly turn it down given that there are almost no birds around here, not even at the feeders. It was nice to be somewhere that was nearly without snow although it was cold and windy and ice was forming in the littlest places. We saw a few ducks and Bald Eagles and magpies. Geology of the place is very different from here. You really should click through the photos to see the rock details. The dogs were happy to get their feet wet. I did not encourage them to go swimming. They also were delighted to find lots of sticks of various sizes!

At this time of year, late afternoon is 3:00 p.m. Hardly seems right. With the low angle of the sun, it lasts a while making for some good photo opportunities depending on the location. Yesterday my friend and I went birding to the Okanogan and while we dipped on our target wintering species, at the end of the day we did find a new place to explore – McLaughlin Canyon. Ken’s told me about it in the past, insisting that it’s a place I’d like and of course, he was right. We stumbled upon it from the east, coming from Tunk Valley, going up and over a divide and then dropping into this amazing rock walled chasm. The late afternoon light colored the rock walls with oranges and yellows, shadowed by burnt snags from wildfires in the not too distant past. A tiny Canyon Wren completed the scene.

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