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Last night, Winthrop hosted its annual fireworks show for Christmas at the End of the Road. It was the only event of the weekend that did not get cancelled due to covid. We stayed home for the first time in thirteen years. I love the cold weather fireworks but with the very real threat of covid, I felt that it was a poor idea for the town to hold the event and I was not willing to risk it. They asked that spectators stay in their cars and I hope they did.

It came as a surprise to me that we could see and hear them from here! I guess we should have realized that. All these years, we have been leaving the dogs home so that they would not be bothered by them. Little did we know, they could see them too. This morning there were at least two reports of dogs gone missing during the show but I think both were reunited with their families.

They were not as large and impressive as being in town and there was a thin cloud in between here and town. It made the show a little more interesting.

Winthrop celebrates the holiday season with a weekend of Christmas at the End of the Road. Fun activities with horse drawn wagon rides, Santa Claus, a 5k fun run in the snow all culminate with Saturday night fireworks. The beauty of winter fireworks far outweighs the summer versions, I think. Gently falling snow. No fire danger. And the event starts early enough that you can join friends for dinner afterwards!

These images are all from my little pocket camera. Sometimes I am amazed at what a good job it can do.

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