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After yesterday’s rain, I hoped it would clear enough to see the red moon, the lunar eclipse. Luck was not on my side. When they finally parted enough to see the moon, it was past totality. It was interesting to see the thin clouds cross the face of the moon but still…………..

I needed to drive somewhere to see the total lunar eclipse last week but I just rolled out of bed and watched it from here. The last photo is as it approached the horizon prior to totality.

Last weekend’s full moon – the Snow Moon.

Coming up Saturday, going down Sunday and back up that night.


Saturday night

Sunday morning

At the far right, you can see the morning alpenglow touching Mt Gardner

Sunday night

Snow Moon

Total lunar eclipse. Red moon. Wolf moon. Full moon. Lots of descriptors for last night’s moon. It was stunning to watch. Constantly changing. We were lucky to see it. The skies had been overcast all day and even when the moon came up, there was still a thick hazy cloud cover.

As if that wasn’t enough, the moon set this morning was also stunning. Sinking in the deep blue sky that gradually turned to purple and pink alpenglow.

This is how it looked from my house last night. Did you get to see it? What was it like where you saw it?


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