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After yesterday’s rain, I hoped it would clear enough to see the red moon, the lunar eclipse. Luck was not on my side. When they finally parted enough to see the moon, it was past totality. It was interesting to see the thin clouds cross the face of the moon but still…………..

In the eastern part of Okanogan County and the western part of Ferry County is a region referred to as the Okanogan Highlands. It is an area dotted with lakes and covered with forests and meadows and occasional high mountains. The lakes are a big attraction for birders and anglers and photographers.

It’s good to go outside with the dogs at night. Sometimes they see something, like a deer, that brings on a fit of barking and they need to be corralled. Other times I see something interesting. Last night it was the clouds. They were thin and illuminated by the waxing moon that was low in the west. These views are looking north. The dogs went inside long before I did.




Sadly on the night of the 14th, clouds obscured the lunar eclipse at my house. I had hoped to watch and make some nice images. Oh well.

Last night I was out with the dogs and noticed that clouds were once again obscuring the moon but the moonlight was shining behind them, highlighting the edges and the sky that was not cloud-covered. Stars and planets adorned the dark sky too. The tripod was still handy from the night before so I went out in the cold to see what I could get.

These images represent the changing light as the clouds, the moon and the earth moved.

I am lucky to live in a place where light pollution has not yet overcome our night skies and seeing the stars and planets is a normal occurrence.






The dogs and I love walks with friends¬† – both canine and human. These images are from a couple of walks on the Wildlife Area near Frost Road. It’s really just a mile or two from our house as the raven flies, however there is private land in between here and there. Consequently we have to drive about fifteen miles to get there.

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