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Category Archives: Pipestone Canyon

We got out twice in recent days to hike around Pipestone Canyon – once with Molly and Mary and again with Angus and Marcy. The first day was sunny with a bad inversion that kept smoke down in the valley. Yesterday was gray with thick fog at times. The first day we went to the east side of the canyon up to the overlook and yesterday the west side and through the canyon bottom. Different views of an amazing geologic wonder here in the Methow.

A friend and I walked with our dogs in the hills yesterday. It had rained the night before and the air was fresh and clean. There were low-lying clouds when we started but soon the sun broke through and we were warm going uphill. We heard a lot of shooting even though the main deer season is over. Probably target shooters. Luna doesn’t care for gunfire but she stayed close. We lingered a bit and the sun went down and suddenly it was chilly. Winter will soon be here.

Most years, it is a long slog to get up to the Pipestone Rim Trail in January. You’d have to park at the bottom of Lester Road and walk, snowshoe or ski up to it and then you’d be tired before you even got to the trail. This year, we can drive to the trailhead. With just a bit of snow it is getting lots of use from hikers, dog walkers and fat bikes. Three women and five dogs enjoyed it yesterday. Snow was in the forecast but the few flakes that fell didn’t amount to anything and at one point the sun was shining. More snowflakes in today’s forecast.

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