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Most years, it is a long slog to get up to the Pipestone Rim Trail in January. You’d have to park at the bottom of Lester Road and walk, snowshoe or ski up to it and then you’d be tired before you even got to the trail. This year, we can drive to the trailhead. With just a bit of snow it is getting lots of use from hikers, dog walkers and fat bikes. Three women and five dogs enjoyed it yesterday. Snow was in the forecast but the few flakes that fell didn’t amount to anything and at one point the sun was shining. More snowflakes in today’s forecast.

No snow on the ground here in the valley. It came and went earlier in the month and recently it has been mostly just cold and clear. Good conditions for walks with dogs and watching wildlife. There is some skiing up on the pass but it looks like it will be a while before our local trails have any snow for grooming. Seems like last year there was skiing at Thanksgiving weekend. Maybe I am not remembering right.

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