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Little Willow is growing and changing so fast! Her body has grown long and soon she will be all legs. In these photos she looks serious and thoughtful. She’s still a puppy in that lanky body though.

Oh! I love it when my friends get new puppies!

Molly came up to play with Sky and Luna today! Mostly with Sky it seems. We haven’t seen her in a couple of weeks and she has really grown! She is nearly four months old and weighs about 25 pounds. Oh these little ones – they grow so fast.

Our dogs were invited to go a on walk to the river with our new little friend Red Molly last weekend. She is now nine weeks old and growing and changing so fast! In can you missed this post, you can see her at seven weeks old here.

Molly is happy, outgoing, inquisitive, smart and friendly. She quickly recognized Sky and Luna as dogs like her and was anxious to get to know them and their games better. Luna is more patient with the puppy. Sky is still learning how to act around her. I am sure that as the months go by, Sky and Molly will be good pals.

Our friends just got a new puppy and we couldn’t be happier for them! They have waited more than two years since their old dog passed away and now is the right time for them and this is the right puppy. Red Molly is a red pointing labrador from Morgan’s Point Ranch. Don brought her home last weekend and she came up to visit us on Sunday. She was just seven weeks old! So little and everything is new to her after leaving her siblings and friends from her first home.

Sky is very skeptical about the puppy and Luna just thought it was best to ignore her in hopes she’d go away! We keep telling Sky this is her comeuppance from all she did to Luna when she was a puppy. We have no doubt that Sky and Molly will be good friends in the years to come. For now, Sky just needs to learn patience with the little one. It won’t take long.

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