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What a day! We’ve had many gray days and even rainy days, it seems like for the last two weeks or more. Around here, we are used to blue skies and bright sunshine reflecting off the cold, deep snow. Today was that day! The sunrise produced beautiful alpenglow on the mountains inviting us to explore on foot.

After agility practice (Willow watched), we headed for the hills above town and walked on a well-trodden path through the pines and out in the open. I looked at the road above us and saw movement. My brain went from what’s that, to is it a horse, no wait, that’s a moose! How cool! Moose occur nearly anywhere in the valley but are only occasionally seen. It’s always a treat. We crossed its trail and then followed its tracks back til we found the spot where it got on the path. There were also tracks of tiny creatures who had been out since yesterday’s fluffy snowfall.

Willow likes to lead the way but, so far, she doesn’t get out too far ahead. She is always turning back to see me and/or Sky. And today, she posed nicely with her big sister for portraits in front of the mountains. She is five months old and learning so much. Maybe she is a Good Girl, after all.

Little Willow is growing and changing so fast! Her body has grown long and soon she will be all legs. In these photos she looks serious and thoughtful. She’s still a puppy in that lanky body though.

When I set out to see if and when lab puppies might be available, I never dreamed it would happen so fast. I sent out inquiries Thanksgiving morning and had two responses that day! I was looking for a female dog that would be on the small side for Labrador retrievers. One respondent said they had two males that would be 70 to 75 pounds. Hmmm, not what I was looking for at all. Sky averages about 63 pounds and I was hoping for less than that. The next person had a twelve-week-old chocolate female that she thought would be about 55 pounds, full grown. Twelve weeks is not ideal. Most puppies go to their new homes at seven or eight weeks. The breeder had considered keeping her and changed her mind. When she sent a photo, I was smitten. So cute. We made the grueling 36 hour trip across two mountain passes and back to pick her up. As you might imagine, Sky is not always happy with her and sometimes has to tell her what’s what. On the other hand, puppy loves Sky and wants to do everything she does. I do expect them to be good friends as time goes by.

Her name is Willow. She is confidant and smart and affectionate.

Oh! I love it when my friends get new puppies!

The puppy Molly continues to look for guidance from Luna and Sky. Luna is particularly patient with the youngster while Sky worries that Molly might be just trying to get her sticks. Molly the puppy will soon be Mollydog but for now she is Mollywog, all wiggly and squirmy and full of puppy energy. And maybe I should just call this the Mollyblog!

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