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I did not mean to feed the birds. Sometimes Luna doesn’t feel well and she was getting white rice mixed into her regular kibble and still she did not eat her breakfast. So I picked it up to keep Sky from eating it. Later we walked down to the lake and when we returned, the local flock of Canada Jays was having a heyday with it. These jays make their way through the campground each morning looking for careless campers who leave their food out. Normally, I keep a clean campsite so I was a bit horrified at myself but then watching the jays was so much fun and they were really loving the unexpected treats!

Canada Jays used to be known as Gray Jays and before that, they were Canada Jays. I don’t know why ornithologists made those decisions. They are commonly known as camp robbers or whiskey jacks. They are very gregarious and will even take food from a person’s hand. I wonder what they eat in the winter when people aren’t around?

If you spend much time hiking or camping in the Cascades, sooner or later, you will be surrounded by Camp Robbers and I hope they are the avian kind. Canada Jays (formerly known as Gray Jays) are pretty birds that enjoy people. They know that people come with food and the jays seem to know if they are sweet and cute, eventually, someone will give them a handout. Sky and I saw this group on one of our hikes last week.

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