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Just a few chickens with opinions.

Sky and visited friends who live near Republic. I love visiting their ranch but it seems like I seldom get over that way. The weather was already into that November mode – gray and kind of dreary – like it is here today. But it didn’t rain. I got a chance to visit with Betty’s chickens. They are a colorful bunch of different breeds, some with amazing plumage. And their eggs are not only different colors but different shapes too!

Our neighbors have a fabulous garden and I imagine that part of that is due to their chickens. These stocky egg layers spend much time scratching and eating bugs and making fertilizer within the protected confines of the garden. When I visited yesterday, the big red rooster was ruling the roost, so to speak, chasing away hens that got too close to where he was foraging and making sure others were producing fertile eggs. Mostly the hens ignored him and went about their business Рeating, pooping and laying eggs.











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