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Now that it is almost officially fall, it looks like fire season might be over in our little corner of the world. We hope.

I did not do much photography this summer. Most days were filled with smoke and it was often unbearably hot. Much of the public land was closed and our main access to the North Cascades, Highway 20, was closed.

Here are a few images of the summer. Most from home. But some from Pearrygin Lake, before they closed it to the public. We got to see LOTS of firefighting aircraft. Our friend from Montana even got to visit the valley to drop water from a big bucket attached to a huge helicopter. We were able to visit him at the airport one day when he wasn’t flying. The little fire boss planes are pretty amazing the way they fly in formation, scooping water and then dumping it on the fire and the giant retardant jets are a sight to see when they fly low over the fire spilling their contents to halt the spread of flames.

No houses were lost and no one died in our fires. We are grateful for firefighters, on the ground and in the air.

Two fires are burning in our watershed right now, both out of control. The Cub Creek 2 fire is burning to the north and generally away from people and homes. Hopefully everyone was evacuated from the wilderness backcountry. The Cedar Creek fire is advancing at a steady pace towards many homes. It has crept down the mountains towards highway 20 in the upper valley where it is meeting up with bulldozer lines put in to stop it. Hopefully those lines held overnight. And it has crossed Lucky Jim Bluff and now Virginia Ridge and is bearing down on neighborhoods just outside of Winthrop. Many people were put on level 3 evacuation notices overnight. Hazardous smoke fills the valley and I cannot see across to the other side.

We have not received an evacuation notice. I imagine we will be doing more firewise stuff around our house today and packing in case we decide to leave. The fire is less than ten miles from here and covering more ground everyday.

Last night there was a brief reprieve from the smoke and I saw the northern horizon for the first time in a couple of days. The fire to the right is Cub Creek and to the left is Cedar Creek. You can read about these fires on Inciweb.

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