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The best place for sunsets.





June 25 and what have I done this month? One hike. Two sets of visitors. Designed the cover for Ken’s soon-to-be-released CD. Walked my dogs. Two weddings that you can see here and here. Time flew by and now it’s nearly July.

We had one week of hot weather and then it returned to often windy and cloudy and even some good June rains. The grasses on our hill are taller than the dogs. Lupine continues to bloom along with the beautiful mariposa lilies that I cannot quit photographing. Bluebirds and swallows have fledged. A raven family spent a couple of weeks terrorizing the nesting birds. I do admire ravens but really I wish they did not eat eggs and other baby birds. Smokejumpers from the airport across the valley trained in the hot weather and in the windy weather.

One of my favorite things – sunset on the beach. A comfy chair on the deck, a glass of wine and dogs by my side. It doesn’t get much better than that.

SW Trip part 8


Sunset can be that glorious time between night and day when the light changes in the blink of an eye.


For instance, if you blinked, you missed this moment.


We stayed at the park til sunset both days and drove back to our camp site in the dark. It was well worth the effort. Easy for me to say since I wasn’t driving! These images are all from the second day of our visit.

With a background as spectacular as the Grand Canyon, the setting sun constantly changes the colors of the rocks creating a kaleidoscope effect of horizontal layers. Initially the colors are subtle with little contrast. As the sun tips below the horizon, the rocks seem to be illuminated from within and when the sun was below the horizon and the sky lit up as if on fire, the light reflected onto the rock walls was magnificent. 

SW Trip part 6


As I was enjoying sunset on our first evening at the Grand Canyon I noticed a couple walking to the overlook dressed much differently from the rest of the tourists. They were wearing nice clothes – he was in a suit and tie and she was wearing a dress and heels with a nice coat. It was chilly for bare legs. They held hands as he led her through the crowd of folks  with cameras and cell phones in hand to capture the evening’s sunset. When they got out to the wall he announced for all to hear that he was going to propose to her right there and he handed his cell phone to a complete stranger and asked her to take pictures. Of course, many, many people were taking pictures and it was quite the scene! The woman looked astonished and happy as he knelt in front of her and carefully unwrapped a scarf from around a ring box and opened it and then asked her to marry him! She wasted no time accepting his proposal and he slipped the ring on her finger! It will be a Grand day for them to remember.

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