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The weather is notorious for being gray this time of year and sometimes, there’s just not enough snow for it to really seem like winter despite the cold. And once the highway closes for the winter, it is hard to get above the thick layer of clouds into the sunshine. These photos are from earlier in the month at Washington Pass before the highway closed. We were not alone. Lots of folks were skiing and walking and playing with dogs and everyone was happy, especially the dogs. Someone asked if my dogs were puppies. They sure act like puppies sometimes.

Today Highway 20 across the North Cascades opened for the summer season. It’s been closed since last November. In recent weeks people have been riding bikes up it, enjoying the traffic-free sunny days as they grind up the mountain. At noon, all that changed. The sound of Harley’s filled the air and RV’s trudged through town. It’s good for business but it does change the way of life in Winthrop and Mazama. For the first time ever, I decided to drive up on opening day to see the big cut snowbanks and enjoy the mountain air. But first, Luna and I went for a bike ride at Big Valley, where just weeks ago, we were skiing!

Ok, maybe it was nearly two months ago but it doesn’t seem like¬†that long since we were skiing here.


Luna enjoyed the clear cold water of the Methow


The river is running a little high, much higher than in the winter


Not too high for swimming


This bike rider was enjoying the long hill climb as his wife drove the route, photographing him.


Liberty Bell from that same spot

And she made my picture too.




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