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The holiday season was a blur of events and meals and non-stop entertainment. A week into the new year and I am beginning to feel ‘normal’ again. So far the snow in the valley is less than normal but the groomed trails are in good shape for skate skiing and classic skiing. The Loup even opened up for New Years. Here’s hoping for more snow and winter fun in the Methow.

Winter is coming to an end. Mud season has begun. From the looks of it, it will drag on for quite a few weeks. There is still two feet of snow on the ground. Mostly it’s been too soft to walk on recently so we’ve had to stick to plowed roads or ski trails for exercise. Still looks like we are having fun.


Everyone celebrates Christmas a little differently. Our dogs are always a big part of Christmas Day. And skiing too. We skied on our new Hok skis around our hill after breakfast and then we picked up Mary and Molly and went to Big Valley for some classic skiing while Don stayed home and fixed Christmas dinner for all of us! It was a good day!

These images are from earlier this week when the girls and I went out to Big Valley to enjoy the newly-groomed ski trails. We returned yesterday with Ken for our annual Christmas ski and had more fun but I didn’t make any photos. It was similar but with more people out celebrating with their friends, families and dogs!

Big Valley is part of the Methow Trails system of over 200k of Nordic trails in the Methow. Skiing is free for people at Big Valley but dogs do need to have a trail pass.

Last week we took the dogs to Big Valley for a spin around the 8k loop. Sky and Frida were happy to be hooked up to long leads and pull us along the trail – as long as someone was ahead like a carrot on a stick. Luna and Nancy just ran alongside their dog and people friends. They are more sophisticated than those other dogs. Or smarter, or something. Sky didn’t quite ‘get it’. She thought we should run hard and fast to catch Frida and then she just wanted to trot alongside and back and forth and generally be in the way rather than pull. If she got ahead of Frida, then she wanted to hang back so Frida could catch up. We still have some work to do to perfect this.

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