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The unsettled weather of May and June and even into July has left us with some impressive and long-lasting wildflowers. I drove to 6000′ elevation and saw quite a variety.


One year ago today we were married on a hillside surrounded by friends and family! Yesterday in celebration, we revisted the hillside and our love for each other. Like last year, it was cloudy but this time it did not rain! There are more wildflowers this year. We had an excellent hike to the wedding site, not exactly the way we planned but still it was nice. Then up and over a hill to Aspen Lake and back for a nice loop.


This is a good year for balsamroot



A pretty flower with an unfortunate name – death camas



At the wedding site, Ken reads a poem he wrote for our first anniversary


And the card that he made



A type of paintbrush?


What if all of our wedding photos were made in this style?




Larkspur and balsamroot




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