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I continue to catch up on images from last month. These are from two walks to Aspen Lake three days apart. Not much changes except the approach to the lake.

Four women and six dogs got together for a walk in the hills above the valley yesterday. We had a feeble hope that we might get up above the clouds and into the sun but that was not to be. There was an occasional ‘sucker hole’ that almost drew us up even higher but in the end we slipped and slid our way back down to the trail. The low snow accumulation is sad and we will surely hear about it more than we want come next summer if this weather pattern continues. Our region is dependent on winter snowfall for adequate water supplies in the summer.

Saturday afternoon Ken and I and two of our friends and a total of six dogs went for a quick afternoon jaunt to Aspen Lake. The morning sunshine was replaced with leaden clouds that made it seem colder. And sure enough, it was snowing when we got to the lake. My new camera was confused by that and instead of focusing on a distant duck, it focused on the snowflakes. It made for an interesting effect.



One year ago today we were married on a hillside surrounded by friends and family! Yesterday in celebration, we revisted the hillside and our love for each other. Like last year, it was cloudy but this time it did not rain! There are more wildflowers this year. We had an excellent hike to the wedding site, not exactly the way we planned but still it was nice. Then up and over a hill to Aspen Lake and back for a nice loop.


This is a good year for balsamroot



A pretty flower with an unfortunate name – death camas



At the wedding site, Ken reads a poem he wrote for our first anniversary


And the card that he made



A type of paintbrush?


What if all of our wedding photos were made in this style?




Larkspur and balsamroot




Aspen Lake has become a favorite short fall hike. Last year I went with Susan and all of our dogs on Halloween Day. See that day here. Yesterday, just Suzanne and me and no dogs. Deer season starts this Saturday so it looks like we will miss the peak of fall colors up there. Last year, I was too late, this year too early. Either way, it’s still beautiful.



The trail around the lake


I love the movement of the aspens




Methow big sky


These ripples were caused by a giant dragonfly that flew into the water and thrashed around for a while. Pretty soon a fish came and tried to eat it.


Pretty peaceful place


I enjoyed the patterns of the tall grasses on the way down the trail





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