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Total lunar eclipse. Red moon. Wolf moon. Full moon. Lots of descriptors for last night’s moon. It was stunning to watch. Constantly changing. We were lucky to see it. The skies had been overcast all day and even when the moon came up, there was still a thick hazy cloud cover.

As if that wasn’t enough, the moon set this morning was also stunning. Sinking in the deep blue sky that gradually turned to purple and pink alpenglow.

Our evening skies have been especially lovely recently due to wildfire smoke coming down from Canada. It’s pretty ironic that we’d get so much beauty from such destructive forces. We are lucky to live in a place that doesn’t have too much light pollution.

It’s good to go outside with the dogs at night. Sometimes they see something, like a deer, that brings on a fit of barking and they need to be corralled. Other times I see something interesting. Last night it was the clouds. They were thin and illuminated by the waxing moon that was low in the west. These views are looking north. The dogs went inside long before I did.




Last week I made a few attempts to stay up late or set an alarm in hopes of seeing the aurora borealis but my timing was all off. I never did see the colors and pillars of light that others were seeing. Big sigh. I did see some lovely night skies though. We are lucky to be able to see lots of stars since we don’t have a terrible amount of light pollution. People here value that particular quality of life in the Methow and work hard to encourage others to cut down on night lighting or shroud their lights in such a way that the ground is lit but the light is not spread far and wide ruining others’ night time experiences. For more information on this issue, see the International Dark Sky Association website.

This is a good time to see Venus and Jupiter in the early evening sky. From our vantage point they will come close to converging in a few days.

Sadly on the night of the 14th, clouds obscured the lunar eclipse at my house. I had hoped to watch and make some nice images. Oh well.

Last night I was out with the dogs and noticed that clouds were once again obscuring the moon but the moonlight was shining behind them, highlighting the edges and the sky that was not cloud-covered. Stars and planets adorned the dark sky too. The tripod was still handy from the night before so I went out in the cold to see what I could get.

These images represent the changing light as the clouds, the moon and the earth moved.

I am lucky to live in a place where light pollution has not yet overcome our night skies and seeing the stars and planets is a normal occurrence.






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