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I chose my campsite for its potential to have very dark skies without artificial lighting. I was right. It was terrific for seeing the stars. These were made during two different nights, shot around 2:30 to 4:00 am. They are single shots. I am always amazed at the colors of the night sky.

Have you been out after dark recently? You might like it. Clear summer nights make for excellent star gazing and Comet Neowise is bonus! They (who are they anyway) say that it won’t be around much longer so you’d best get out and see it soon. Look to the NW after dark.

And the Milky Way is at its best. Warm summer nights are perfect for seeing it. Since it is too hot to be out during the day, go out at night. Although, I have to say, at 7000′ and I got darned cold. It was worth it.

Getting up at 3 am is worth it once in a while.

It is quite an opportunity to see a comet from my own place. The first two images are from yesterday and the last one is today.



This week the Lyrid meteors are passing by us and I had hoped to make some photos of them. The weather, of course, made a turn for the worse with lots of wind and clouds before I went to bed so I wasn’t optimistic. I did wake up at 3:30 and stepped outside and one big shooting star fell through the atmosphere so I took that as a good sign. The wind was gone and the sky was mostly clear. I stayed out through the blue hour before dawn and enjoyed several meteors but they didn’t cross my camera’s point of view. Still, the stars were beautiful and the colors of the sky were amazing. Light clouds in the east reflected the sunlight even though the sun was far below the horizon.

If I have to be sheltered in place, this isn’t a bad place for it.

In the wee morning hours, I went outside and tried to learn some new techniques. Let’s just say, I have a long ways to go. Still, I came back with some pretty pictures. I also need a new place to practice my night photography. I was looking forward to spring travels but now, all that is cancelled. We were supposed to go to Florida this Saturday and to Utah in May. I wonder when we will get a chance to see new, or old favorite, places again. Yes, I am feeling very sad but grateful for my health and grateful that I have my husband and two dogs to share my life. I hope all of you are well and taken care of.

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