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The girls and I took a drive up Boulder Creek last week, to see how far we could get before hitting snow. It was farther than I expected and we stopped short of having to stop and went for a walk in the burned forest. We will be hiking in those mountains sooner rather than later.

In 2006, the Tripod wildfire raged through Okanogan County. Between late July and snowfall, it burned more than 175,000 acres of forest lands. Unlike the fires currently burning in Colorado and Montana, it did not burn any homes. Six years later, regeneration is producing a new kind of forest with wildlife friendly snags, wildflowers and new growth of willows and aspens. I spent part of Monday afternoon walking through a tiny bit of the old burn listening to birds and small mammals and admiring the flowers.


Burnt snags reflected in a small pond



Roger Lake – some trees survived in the boggy edges of this lake and it continues to be a great place for birds and other wildlife



Snags criss cross on the trail


Bog orchid grows in a wet spot




Spent flowers remind me of the fire


Lupine bud


Lupine from above


Scarlet gilia


Wild rose




Here is an article about the fire. And here is an article about a study on the effects of the fire.



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