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And dogs. I had to go to the Okanogan to do some business yesterday and a friend suggested a short field trip to look for birds. I could hardly turn it down given that there are almost no birds around here, not even at the feeders. It was nice to be somewhere that was nearly without snow although it was cold and windy and ice was forming in the littlest places. We saw a few ducks and Bald Eagles and magpies. Geology of the place is very different from here. You really should click through the photos to see the rock details. The dogs were happy to get their feet wet. I did not encourage them to go swimming. They also were delighted to find lots of sticks of various sizes!

Last week, Sky and I enjoyed a pleasant morning walk in the rain. It’s not like it rained hard but I did put on my rain jacket. I hardly ever do that. The spring greens were beautiful and everything smelled so fresh. Sky’s favorite part was jumping in the water.

In the eastern part of Okanogan County and the western part of Ferry County is a region referred to as the Okanogan Highlands. It is an area dotted with lakes and covered with forests and meadows and occasional high mountains. The lakes are a big attraction for birders and anglers and photographers.

Mary Ann and Frida, Christiane and Luna and I walked to Aspen Lake yesterday. It was a perfect Spring day with sunshine and lots of wildflowers. It was warm enough to shed our coats at long last! Frida and Luna were happy to jump in the lake and chase sticks and then romp in a lingering snow bank. They chased chipmunks too. It was a good day to be dog. And the rest of us had a nice time too.


Frida was swimming before the rest of us arrived



A dog with a stick



It just doesn’t get much better



Luna wants to play too






And shake!



Frida – don’t eat that stick!



This will be better



The view from the other side



Christiane made snowballs for Luna to catch















Time and time again!



How much fun is that?



And a nice walk through the woods



In 2006, the Tripod wildfire raged through Okanogan County. Between late July and snowfall, it burned more than 175,000 acres of forest lands. Unlike the fires currently burning in Colorado and Montana, it did not burn any homes. Six years later, regeneration is producing a new kind of forest with wildlife friendly snags, wildflowers and new growth of willows and aspens. I spent part of Monday afternoon walking through a tiny bit of the old burn listening to birds and small mammals and admiring the flowers.


Burnt snags reflected in a small pond



Roger Lake – some trees survived in the boggy edges of this lake and it continues to be a great place for birds and other wildlife



Snags criss cross on the trail


Bog orchid grows in a wet spot




Spent flowers remind me of the fire


Lupine bud


Lupine from above


Scarlet gilia


Wild rose




Here is an article about the fire. And here is an article about a study on the effects of the fire.



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