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September marks the unofficial end of summer around here. Kids returned to school this week and most vacations are over. Harvest season is in full swing. The weather is beginning to feel like fall. Birds are flocking up for migration. And we try to squeeze in a few more hikes. Here are a few scenes from the end of summer.


Biggest news last week was the big lightning storm that shut off the power one evening and then when everyone was wondering what to do, the light was Wonderful! And the Rainbows were Remarkable! Other than that, just a few summer scenes from the past week.

Some of our friends are in the local marimba band. They performed at the Twisp Farmers Market.

This group is very together.

Nancy raps out the lead

Linda is very focussed.

Chokecherries are getting ripe!

Just had to slip in a black and white image, despite the vibrant colors of summer.

At agility practice, Frida and Trip are very focussed on whatever it is that Marti is holding.

And Marti, how could you resist Frida?

Jane seems indifferent

Pie cherries! They are in the dehydrator right now!

And a parting shot of the rainbows following the storm.

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