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Yesterday the girls and I set out around mid-afternoon looking to stretch our legs and enjoy the fresh air. We headed up Frost Road and walked to Aspen Lake. It’s a pleasant hike in the spring and fall with great views of the valley and surrounding mountains.

We started out in warm sunshine but soon it was raining and I was grateful for my little rain jacket and wool hat. Following the rain was a terrific rainbow. Some snow remained in the shady areas and some places were very wet with water running down the trail. A few small flowers are blooming and grass is greening up. Lots, like hundreds or thousands, of Dark-eyed Juncos and some other birds. The lake is still mostly ice-covered but won’t be for long.

Last week’s weather was unsettled, as is typical for Spring. Mostly sunny with squalls that included rain, hail and snow at times. And the occasional rainbow.



Biggest news last week was the big lightning storm that shut off the power one evening and then when everyone was wondering what to do, the light was Wonderful! And the Rainbows were Remarkable! Other than that, just a few summer scenes from the past week.

Some of our friends are in the local marimba band. They performed at the Twisp Farmers Market.

This group is very together.

Nancy raps out the lead

Linda is very focussed.

Chokecherries are getting ripe!

Just had to slip in a black and white image, despite the vibrant colors of summer.

At agility practice, Frida and Trip are very focussed on whatever it is that Marti is holding.

And Marti, how could you resist Frida?

Jane seems indifferent

Pie cherries! They are in the dehydrator right now!

And a parting shot of the rainbows following the storm.

The weather has moved on to fall. All signs point to it. Yesterday smoke columns showed up all over the valley as folks worked on clearing up brush and weeds from summer projects. A Bald Eagle landed on one of our pines. It has replaced the Osprey and Red-tailed Hawks of summer. We moved the camper into a neighbor’s barn. I worked on cleaning up the garden. Rain showers came and went alternating with rainbows and sunshine. This double rainbow extended across the valley. I’m sure there are pots of gold out there somewhere.

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