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Two days of spring-like temperatures, some sunshine and rain have led to a diminishing snowpack. It is a bit of a relief to walk on solid ground in some places. The garden, near the house and with a southwest aspect is rapidly warming and the dirt is showing signs of life. After being able to walk to the compost pile ALMOST without walking in snow, I decided to take my camera out for a walk to see what it can see.


Jerome, the garden gnome, slowly emerges from the snow, ringing his bell to welcome the change of seasons.


One of last year’s hops, drying in the snow.


Chives, ready to eat.


More chives.


Catmint, planted late last summer. I wonder if cougars are attracted to it?


One of last year’s leaves, in black and white and in color.


A johnny-jump-up alredy showing color. I knew I loved these invasive little annual/perennial delights for some reason.


And Lemon Thyme, already fragrant and green!

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