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This morning started out to be another ho,t still day, similar to yesterday. At Patterson Lake, birds were singing, insects buzzing and a few early risers were out fishing and stretching their muscles on the water. I paddled my kayak from one end to the other and back, listening to birds and buzzing insects from the trees. I saw an Osprey catch a fish; heard woodpeckers tapping on trees; saw turtles sunning themselves on logs. It was a good morning to be out on the water.




a Common Goldeneye chick


Here the chick is reunited with its family


I saw this moth thrashing around in the water


and brought it onto my boat to dry its tattered leaves.

Later I left it in a tree.



  1. Terri, you take amazing pictures. I have so many questions…may I email you with them?

  2. Sure Nina. You can find a contact form for me at my website

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