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Another day in the woods with my dogs.

November 1. How did that happen? October has been very colorful and also very wet. I’ve heard rumours that we have broken records for the amount of rainfall. In the mountains where we hiked earlier in the month, the trails are covered with a foot or more of snow. I’m glad we got out when we did. Here in the valley we should be able to hike in the hills for another month or more.

The power company had a scheduled power outage yesterday. It was a good excuse to go for a long walk in the woods with the dogs.

What’s more fun on a hot day than time spent at the lake? While Mary and Gus were here we went to Patterson Lake a few times. She brought one of her new stand up paddle boards so everyone got to try it – me, Ken and even Sky! It is not the kind of thing Luna wants to do. Mary and Gus already are experienced with this water sport. With only one board, someone was always throwing sticks or balls for the dogs so everyone enjoyed the water.

It had been a long time since I had my boat out on the water. Last year I suffered from moderate to severe back pain for months on end and I was unable to load and unload the boat on my own so it gathered dust in the garage for over a year and a half. This year I am feeling much better and yesterday I took it out to Patterson Lake and enjoyed the beauty and solitude of an April morning. Two weeks ago the lake was covered in ice.

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