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A lady who lives up river a ways from us gave me a call the other day to say there is a nest of Cedar Waxwings at their house and would I like to photograph it. Well, yeah. Just had to find the time this busy week. This morning I got down there around 8:30 and was delighted to see four babies squeezed into the nest and also got to see a parent come to them three different times. The adult never stayed long. These young birds are almost fully feathered and will soon be on their own, trying to figure out where the food comes from. The nest is in an old apple tree so maybe they will return in the fall when the fruit is ripe.




Many thanks to Nancy for sharing!


  1. Love Cedar Waxwings! I only see them maybe once a year during a fly-through our yard.

  2. They are fairly common up here and in the winter we get the Bohemain Waxwings too. Such a pleasure to see any of them.

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