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Luna and I began dog agility training this summer. We are very much beginners and have a lot to learn about this. Dog agility is a competitive activity where dogs maneuver a series of obstacles. There are certain required methods to get over/through/under these obstacles and sometimes a dog must come to a complete stop under the handler’s control. It is also a timed event. It requires coordinated teamwork between the dog and the person. Luna and I have a lot to learn!

Here are some images of Luna’s classmates. They will all be competing in Wenatchee next month. Notice how they are all intently paying attention to their owners/handlers. Luna has not yet developed that focus.





  1. WOW, Teri! These photos are fantastic! How do I get a copy of ’em? Wyatt looks so intent… she just loves this stuff.

  2. Great stuff, Teri. I am a huge admirer of working dogs and their people. Our clever cattle dog (now deceased) would have been GREAT at this back in the day . . . .
    Thanks for sharing. I love the action.

  3. Thanks. I’m glad you enjoy them.
    Those cattle dogs are amazing at this. Make my doodle dog look even more distractable than she already is!

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