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Another nice walk today. Juliet and I rambled around in the upper Rendezvous for most of the morning. There was some smoke from controlled burning in Fawn Creek but other than that, skies were clear and the air was cool. We saw a few birds, some deer, lots of squirrels and a chipmunk or two. We came across at least four piles of moose droppings, none too fresh; and some bear poop. Well, I stepped in the bear poop.

One of my favorite sights was of an intact wasp nest. We had already run across one that had been pulled from its tree and dismantled. This one was still perfect and right at eye level and stinging insects around. On the ground, there were remains of an earlier nest. WAs it from earlier this year or the remains from last year? These nests are amazing structures and simply made out of spit. How do they do it? If you know more about these and the specific species that make them, I’d like to learn about them.

There is a hole on the top. It’s a little bit ragged and I wonder if it was made by a bird or is part of the original structure?

Hole on the bottom for quick exit and entrance

I really like the way it is formed around the branches that support it.

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