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It’s been a long hard week for me. But I remember that it started out much better a week ago yesterday. I went to the canine agility trials at Confluence Park in Wenatchee and saw lots of great dogs doing great (and some, not so great) stuff, running, jumping, going through tunnels and so on, all while having fun. I have over 1000 images to edit from that day. Tomorrow I will start on them.

On the way home, shortly after dark, my car hit a mule deer on highway 97 below Pateros. At 60 mph. It was not a good thing. I’ve never been in a car accident before and it left me shaken. And it left my beloved Honda a total loss, according to the insurance company. Luckily, I was not hurt and the deer, well, she got off the highway but I have to believe she died out in the bitterbrush. It took a couple hours to get my car towed up to Twisp and Ken met me with a big hug and we cleaned out most of the stuff and went home to a glass of wine and tried to relax.

And then on Tuesday I had to report to Okanogan for jury duty. ‘Everyone’ says, oh don’t worry, they always send everyone home, no big deal. Not so. I was the 13th juror selected for a three day trial. They had picked twelve and sworn them in and then the lawyers conferred with the judge and he asked me to join the group and swore me in separately. I nearly cried. And the stories we heard from the witnesses were enough to make a person want to stay home behind locked doors. There’s a big scary and sad world out there with people stuck in a milieu of drugs and crime.

Yesterday I started the process of car shopping. Ick.

So, should I try to put it all out of my mind and just think about happy things like the dogs running and jumping just for the love of their people?

I think so.

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