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Life’s adventures are conspiring to keep me from going hiking, paddling or having other fun times away from home. What to do? Yesterday I went outside for some errand or another and I noticed that the rising fog was leaving tiny droplets on all the flowers and foliage. I rushed upstairs to get my macro lens to capture a few images before the moment dried up and went away. Flowers still blooming include sweet peas, nasturtiams, parsley, coneflower (well barely still holding on to some color), asters and some sunflowers. Temperatures tonight are forecast into the twenties and tomorrow night, the LOW twenties. Maybe even the teens. Good thing I got a few more images of summer before it all goes away.

Perennial aster, one thing the deer don’t seem to eat at all



Coneflower or echinacea, something that deer seldom even taste


Leeks, inside the garden fence


Nasturtiam, also inside the fence


Parsley umbel growing in a planter on the deck


Oh yeah, these sunflowers are inside the fence. deer love them.


Sweet peas. I like sweet peas. These grow on the garden fence. Fortunately, they grow tall and the deer only get some of them.







Yup, I really like sweet peas.





  1. Great shots! I love how soft the colors are, especially the sweet peas. What mm Macro lens did you use?

  2. so beautiful!

  3. Astonishingly delicate.

  4. Lovely, lovely shots!

  5. They’re all so lovely! 🙂

  6. The camera is such a quick reminder of how much more beautiful life could be if my eyes worked better. Thanks for these moments of beauty.

  7. Beautiful pictures.

  8. Absolutely fabulous pictures. Great work.

  9. I enjoyed your images of delicate flowers. It’s true you can find exquisite nature in your backyard or neighborhood.

  10. Gorgeous!

  11. Beautiful! Did you use a Macro lens?? The detail is so gorgeous!

  12. I adore flower shots, especially macro and the sweet peas look amazing! I swear can almost smell them from here…

  13. all of them beautiful.none less than the other!

  14. So pretty!!

  15. A selection of wonderful colours and textures.

  16. Thank you for sharing nature’s beauty!

  17. Good enough to eat! Going to browse the rest of your blog to see what i can find

  18. Great selection of flowers and awesome photos!
    Sunflowers are my absolutely favorite!

  19. Really beautiful shots; the drops make everything so delicate and artistic. Thanks for sharing and congrats on being freshly pressed.

    • Shannon.Dodds.Photography
    • Posted October 26, 2011 at 12:21 pm
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    Really Beautiful Shots!! 🙂

  20. These are truly some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever saw of flowers. Thank you for sharing. Congrads on making “Freshly Pressed.”

  21. beautiful and how i love flowers!

  22. Exquisite photos!

  23. I love your pictures! Going to hit the share button for facebook. 🙂

  24. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing, & congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!


  25. Beautiful photos! All the flowers in my area are dead for the fall/winter, so seeing these brightened my day.

  26. these flower shots are stunning! congrats on being featured!

  27. these shots are fantastic! the colors are vibrant and the dew/rain drops are perfectly clear. what kind of camera do you use? thanks so much for sharing. love them!

  28. Simply beautiful images! You’re certainly not living in my neck of the woods, where the only remaining flower in my garden is a Japanese Anemone. All others are long gone 😦

  29. I love taking shots of flowers after it rains…great pictures.

  30. Lovely photos …very captivating. thank you for sharing …..

  31. Really beautiful. Nice work!

  32. I love your photographs and I like sweet pea also.

  33. 90 mm macro? Perfect.

  34. Oh, my! These are sooooo yummy! Thank you. Awesome, awesome.

  35. The colors are great! I love the shots, they’re gorgeous. Keep it up and congrats on being freshly pressed.
    B Daniel

  36. I love the coneflower! Such a pretty shot. Great job!

  37. Picturesque blossoms with the awesome kiss of the dew!
    thanks for sharing these refreshing photos! 🙂 congrats!

  38. After staring at statistical programs, news stories, and doing homework for hours, reading and seeing this post was a real respite and joy. Thank you!

  39. just BRILLIANT!

  40. Great pics! Seeing pics like this inspires me to get pics like this.

  41. simply amazing

    • aparnanairphotography
    • Posted October 26, 2011 at 7:42 pm
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    These are truly magnificent!! You have an eye for the details of life, clearly. Thank you very much for sharing and putting a smile on my face!

  42. Gorgeous photos!

  43. So great, I think I fell more and more for macro photography this time, keep posting amazing photos like this cause I’d love to see some more! 🙂

  44. Nice close up pix!

  45. Captivating shots! And the sweet peas are really beautiful!

  46. They are so beautiful! What about trees? I love trees more than flower and I always have a note about their blooming season. Nice to meet someone who has same interest with me! ;D

  47. These are gorgeous.

  48. A perfect example of tiny, little things uncoiling to life.. Very wonderful shots. A flower is always a very interesting subject as it speaks multi-colors of the wonders of nature.

    Thanks for sharing!

  49. So many oohs and aahs as I look at your photographs. Simply beautiful.

  50. Beautiful job using your macro lens. Gorgeous shots! Sweet peas are a favorite of mine too. A very timeless flower. 🙂

  51. great photos!

  52. Pretty!! 😀 I love pictures of flowers .. ‘specially dew covered ones.


  53. Gorg! I wonder if the deer don’t eat those flowers because animals stay away from eating brightly colored things? They are missing out, those flowers would be great in a salad.

  54. Beautiful!! 🙂 I like them.

  55. Lovely, my parents are going to grow some flowers and plants in our garden very soon. Did you grow these yourself?

  56. Wow, love the look and the colours! The dew drops on the spider web on the leeks look like a delicate necklace. So well captured 🙂

  57. Nice! Such bright colors, you have a gift. 🙂


  58. feeling a sense of nature….. awesome.

  59. Nice! Love waterdrop shots! Great work!

  60. Beautiful! Fog drops–love it!

  61. Crisp, Delicate, Refreshing!

    Love these!

  62. Fantastic, the pictures are perfect !!!

  63. Awesome photos. Great work!!!!!

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