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Life’s adventures are conspiring to keep me from going hiking, paddling or having other fun times away from home. What to do? Yesterday I went outside for some errand or another and I noticed that the rising fog was leaving tiny droplets on all the flowers and foliage. I rushed upstairs to get my macro lens to capture a few images before the moment dried up and went away. Flowers still blooming include sweet peas, nasturtiams, parsley, coneflower (well barely still holding on to some color), asters and some sunflowers. Temperatures tonight are forecast into the twenties and tomorrow night, the LOW twenties. Maybe even the teens. Good thing I got a few more images of summer before it all goes away.

Perennial aster, one thing the deer don’t seem to eat at all



Coneflower or echinacea, something that deer seldom even taste


Leeks, inside the garden fence


Nasturtiam, also inside the fence


Parsley umbel growing in a planter on the deck


Oh yeah, these sunflowers are inside the fence. deer love them.


Sweet peas. I like sweet peas. These grow on the garden fence. Fortunately, they grow tall and the deer only get some of them.







Yup, I really like sweet peas.




Yesterday’s all day rain was unusual for our climate. After two months of dry weather it is nice to have however the adjustment to dampness and gray skies can be difficult. It was a good day to get lots of work done inside. Later in the day there were a few shower breaks and I got outside and made some images of rain drops in the garden.



















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