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Finally, I am well enough to get outside and DO something! What a relief. Today I went skating for the first time this winter. Let it be known that I am a total beginner skater. I did skate the last two winters but still, not enough to feel competant on the ice.

Today was a stellar day in the Methow and our outdoor rink is situated near the river with a perfect view of Mt Gardner. Bald Eagles perch on nearby cottonwoods and complain in their funny voices whenever a raven gets too close. I arrived just as the ice opened right after lunch and lucky me – I had the whole place to myself! Soon two other women arrived, both friends – one is my neighbor and the other teaches skating. I managed to not fall and remembered most of what I could do last winter.


All that untouched ice


Mt Gardner, just beyond Spring Creek Ranch




My tracks!


I always wanted to be tall





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  1. really like the mountains on the second one from the top, used to live in colorado. I miss the mountains..

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