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Once again, the Open Merc, an open mike at the Merc Playhouse in Twisp, provided lots of entertainment, surprises and also a few goodbyes. There were quite a few musicians, including my own husband Ken Bevis playing guitar and singing with Egon Steinebach on the harmonica, Brad and Eileen Pinkerton, Celeste and Kip Roberts, Biff and the Apostles (Brad and Peter and Paul) and several others. Josh and Tara surprised us with their original Methow reggae featuring banjo and medlodica! Everyone was talking about it. Sadly, Brad and Eileen are leaving this valley to move their musical lives to Westport on the ocean. We wish them well and hope that Westport is ready for them. This is rather a long set of photos but the evening was so lovely, how could I stop? Wish you could hear the music too.


Egon sets up and also does the sound and lights for the Open Merc. Thanks, Egon.


Brad and Eileen


Tara playing the melodica


In the winter around here, you rarely see anyone wearing nice shoes. To be truthful, even in the summer. We just live in boots or sandals most of the time. Thanks Tara.


Eileen captures Biff and the Apostles on her phone


Happy musicians


We love that old time music










Egon and Ken closed out the evening






    • Eileen Pink Curtain
    • Posted January 12, 2012 at 5:42 pm
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    I don’t even know what to say. I will never forget that night and the wonderful audience and friends that came to participate.
    Tara gets the best shoes of the night award.

  1. We are SO gonna miss the Pink Curtains.

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