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Skate skiing is meant to be done on groomed trails. The MVSTA folks do a good job – grooming many if not all of the 200k of trails every night. That’s great after a fresh snow fall. Today I made the mistake of going skiing right when the heaviest snow came down, at least on the lower part of the Community Trail. It must have snowed a couple inches in the hour or so I was out there. And I don’t have any glasses or goggles for this type of weather so there I went with my head facing down to keep the snow out of my eyes! It wasn’t too cold and the snow was light and powdery and my skis glided through it pretty easily but still, it wasn’t as much fun as other days out there. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for any snow that falls this winter. My timing was just bad for skiing today. The skies are clearing now.



Only 25k to Mazama


5k back to town!



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