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Even in the coldest and snowiest weather, the dogs want to go for a walk every morning. And sometimes in the afternoon too. That morning walk sometime after breakfast seems to get them settled for the rest of the day with a series of naps and occasional forays out into the cold, or sometimes even a major outing involving a ride in the car. Today they seemed slower about telling me it was time for the walk – maybe the snow falling slows everyone down. They were happy to get out and look for sticks and smells and try to find out which deer and coyotes and other wildlife had walked on our trail. Looking out the window, I am guessing that by afternoon, all traces of our walk will have disapeared in a soft blanket of new snow.

Kelly says, nope, I don’t like having my picture made

Well, maybe for a cookie, you can make my picture, but you’d better be quick

Luna and Sam will hold still for a cookie anytime

I’ll have that cookie now please

Sam is ready to go home

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