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This post is mostly for my husband and his brother who are visiting their folks on the east coast. They have missed the best snow of the winter. And of course, the shoveling that goes along with it. Three feet of powder snow has fallen since Ken left here a week ago. Hard to believe.


Where’s that plow guy?


We have a trail here. Somewhere.


There’s the site of Burning Fish, just 25 days ago.


What’s scary about this image is that none of the snow has slid off the roof. Yet.




Bird tracks on the deck


More icicles


Winter reflections


Mourning Dove

Downy Woodpecker


Ahhh, the compost bin






  1. That pretty much captures it, Teri. Well done.

    How did Ken manage to be gone for all this wonderful shoveling?

    I’ll never let Frank live down the time he went to San Diego and it dumped 18 inches of wet snow here that resulted in a three-day power outage. “No problem, honey. I’ll be fine. You just go on and have fun surfing.”

  2. Thank goodness they are not surfing. They are spending time with their elderly parents so that’s an admirable thing.

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