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This time of year, activity at the bird feeders picks up. For the first time we are trying a platform feeder and it is very popular. Finches and quail and other birds are really enjoying it. And the Steller’s Jays have returned. We haven’t seen them here since before the fire in 2014! There are lots of woodpeckers – Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers and Northern Flickers too.

We are finally getting a little bit of snow but nowhere near enough for skiing. Hopefully it will come soon.

I have been keeping the bird feeders full and enjoying the little birds – mostly finches and the occasional woodpecker. This year we have quail too. That’s quite unusual. They roost in a brush pile down below the house. Eagles are all over the valley, scavenging dead fish and roadkill. I watched a young Bald Eagle as a pair of Black-billed Magpies tried to share its lunch.

Two birding posts in a row? I don’t think this is a serious trend.

This sweet Downy Woodpecker was very cooperative and allowed me to get close enough to make images of him with my small camera. He would get one sunflower seed at a time out of the feeder and then carefully wedge it into a crack in the snag, saving it for a future meal. The Hairy Woodpeckers do the same thing.















This post is mostly for my husband and his brother who are visiting their folks on the east coast. They have missed the best snow of the winter. And of course, the shoveling that goes along with it. Three feet of powder snow has fallen since Ken left here a week ago. Hard to believe.


Where’s that plow guy?


We have a trail here. Somewhere.


There’s the site of Burning Fish, just 25 days ago.


What’s scary about this image is that none of the snow has slid off the roof. Yet.




Bird tracks on the deck


More icicles


Winter reflections


Mourning Dove

Downy Woodpecker


Ahhh, the compost bin





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