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Freezing rain fell on our fluffy snow leaving a crust of ice behind. It also produced fog in the morning which quickly burned off to reveal more bluebird blue skies. The dog walk went from sunshine to fog to sunshine and more fog til it was just sunny and the fog retreated farther down valley. I heard that Twisp mostly stayed in the fog. Sorry Twisp.

A dried yarrow flower coated with ice

Luna, walking towards Shelley’s house

Sam thinks maybe she doesn’t want to walk to Shelley’s house.

It seems so far from here

Who walked here? A mouse? A vole?

Ice coated leaves

and branches

The neighbor’s driveway. They don’t come here in the winter.

Kelly emerges from the fog

And Luna. Think the tortoise and the hare.

Sam’s foot is turning white. As if it too was covered in ice or hoar frost.

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  1. Beautiful photos

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