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But Spring is just around the corner. Skiing conditions are highly variable but when they are good, they are very, very good. We still get intermittant snowfall but also warm temperatures are lessening the snowpack in the valley. More animals are moving about. My neighbor even claims to have seen a chipmunk already! Seems to early for them to be out and about.


Making first tracks on the Community Trail near Browns Farm


Big Valley, seen from the Community Trail


Lots of squirrels are enjoying the warm afternoons. This one is perched just above its burrow in the snow.


The Methow River from the Suspension Bridge


Winter still has a pretty good grip up in the Rendezvous area.

 I know, it looks like I have been playing a lot; however I’ve also been doing some serious work. You can see that at Reflected Light.




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  1. As you say Spring skiing can be superb, we’ve got a mix at the moment in the French Alps, I’m hoping for a fresh snowfall soon to top the pistes up. Great photo of the squirrel!

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