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Every winter the Methow Valley Nordic Club sponsors the always popular Doggie Dash in Winthrop near the Town Trailhead. It is one of the most fun events of the year for dog lovers and their friends. In addition to being a race, it’s also a costume contest. Many people put more effort into their costume design than the race itself in hopes of taking home the traveling trophy – a magnificent golden poodle! The race categories included kids, adults with big dogs, adults with little dogs and skijoring teams. Generous sponsors provide lots of doggie treats and prizes.


This puppy really has a ‘game face’


I’m always partial to doodles


 What can I say about this?


Luna is having second thoughts


And the race is on!


The little jockey is being followed by the super hero team from Mazama



It’s ok to fall and get up – you cannot let go of your dog though


And she’s off again


Normally mild mannered Kristen turned into a new woman when she donned the roller girl outfit!



At the starting line, Luna is still thinking……


Looks like Trip is also thinking about other stuff


There’s a good team


Trip – don’t look at the girls over there


This is just before Luna ran over to me and sat down.


One of the skijoring contestants

Just one big happy family




And the winnter of the coveted golden poodle!















  1. They’re sooo cute. I was just wondering if they never slip? If not, then those dogs are better skaters than I am. Haha

  2. Can I even tell you: SO many of these pix made me smile. From the “game day” stare down to the muzzle o’ snow…loved ’em all. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  3. Looks like a great time – but that first photo of the “game face” is priceless!

  4. I am such a sucker for animal photos… well documented!

  5. Oh what fun! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  6. What a great post! So cute, I’m a sucker for dogs. They look like they’re having so much fun too.

  7. Well this clearly looks like a lot of fun.

  8. That looks like a lot of fun for canines and humans. What a lovely bunch of kindred spirits. Made me smile ;o)

  9. So, this seems like a bucket lister. Though being the accident-prone gent I am, I’m quite sure I’d fall. Thanks for sharing!

  10. What a fantastic event! It looks like the people are having just as much fun as the dogs. But I must say, Luna is a heart breaker. I’m ashamed that I’ve lived here for this long (few years) and hadn’t heard of this before. Will definitely be participating next year with my Australian Cattle Dog, Daku, who can be seen here:

    Great post and congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  11. This looks like a BLAST!!! I know my Maggie dog would love to participate in the Doggy Dash! 🙂

  12. I really enjoyed your post. If you want, you can return the visit;;)


    Clams & Cods

    • Mad Queen Linda
    • Posted February 21, 2012 at 11:22 am
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    Fun! Big Fun! Terrific pictures, glad you were fresh pressed!

  13. Thanks for sharing the dog and people photos. Looks fun and cold for both. Connie

  14. Looks like good fun, despite a number of serious faces (determination showing, no doubt). Great story told in super photos. Many thanks

  15. OMG !! Is it only me who got a bit scared after looking at the first 2 pics?? 😛 Anyways …I’m sure all of you had a wonderful life 😀 Keep living 😀 Cheers

  16. that’s looks really fun. don’t the people in wacky outfits get cold?

  17. LOVE this. So. much. fun. Thanks for sharing.

  18. I love doggy days out. Is this linked to some sort of charity, or animal association? A great way to raise funds for neglected animals, to be sure.

  19. What a cool event! I don’t know which shot is my favorite. All are so good!

  20. This looks like super fun.

  21. Great post – and some excellent outfits worn by all haha. That husky at the beginning is crazy-intense.

  22. It is really ironic that I just came across this. At the end of my boyfriend and I’s backcountry ski, my bf attempted to have our little Jack Russell pull him..It was a nice scene to look at, but that’s about all. lol.

  23. These are great! That first one’s “game face” is awesome!

  24. Very beautiful photos! Those dogs are so cute..and those photos above are so stunning and vivid!

  25. Reblogged this on reinaldobanh and commented:
    “Hei, look at me. Come here”, said the puppy. 🙂

  26. so cute! Looks like a lot of fun. Now, if only I had a dog

  27. Great pics, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Posted February 21, 2012 at 7:24 pm
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    wow, it’s very interesting, i like the dog in the first photo, its expression is very cool

  28. I love the dogs they are adorable and loyal. They deserve all the care in the world. What a fun post. Thanks for sharing. Nonoy Manga

  29. Oh My God! The eyes of the Husky at the beginning! I love that pic! So intense… Oh, that just looks like so much fun! First I need to get a new puppy, because I have not been able to have a dog in several years. Then I think I would have to learn how to cross country ski, so I would not hurt myself. Then figure where in the heck you are talking about because I am realizing just how bad my geography is the more time I spend on WordPress!!!!! I have no idea where this place is or even if we are talking the same continent! I think we might be, but I am not sure…

    Oh I can not wait to get to a place where I can have a pooch again… Luna is adorable too. And maybe her confusion is the outfit her owner is wearing… Just saying!

  30. Love this so much! Thanks for sharing!

  31. What fun! Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

  32. Oh my gosh, i want to come with you next year! SO Stinking CUTE!

    • allpowerfulwarriorgodess
    • Posted February 21, 2012 at 11:59 pm
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    this is funny and adorable 🙂 I LOVE THIS!!!!

  33. lmao! LOVE Luna! What a great day out you had! This put a smile on my face!

  34. Great photographs! First doggie is really beautiful with a gamewinning attitude!

  35. Love the photos of the 6 legged race! Look forward to more 🙂

    • Joanna Reichert Photography
    • Posted February 22, 2012 at 5:02 am
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    WOW this looks like a ton of fun! Where does this take place?

  36. Splendid! I wish I was there! Thanks for bringing it to us!

  37. What fun!

  38. wooww…super fun!feel like i wanna see it…i live in 2 weathers country…there’s no snow here

  39. Oh my, I love this. Looks like so much fun, my husky would love this!

  40. LOL! Yes the first pup truly does has it’s game face on.

  41. I’ve lost my dog about one month ago,…so I really enjoyed watching these pictures!
    Dogs really look like they’re enjoying themselves!!

  42. WAY cute! I love this post and the doggie dash looks SO fun!

  43. That looks like so much fun! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! 🙂

  44. This is great. Love the “game face” in the first photo.

  45. Your photos are amazing and the dogs are so beautiful. You were really able to capture all of the fun through your photos.

  46. Great photos!

  47. Great pics! I especially love the Newfie and the Husky puppy.

  48. This is the weirdest, cutest, and funniest post I’ve seen on Word Press thus far. And to think you are fellow Washingtonians…LOL I feel proud to live in such a wonderful state with all these wonderful dogs.

  49. Ahhhh! These are so cute! I love that second dog. I just want to hug him and take him home!

  50. I like the Husky puppy look so much….

  51. This is awesome. I love the Husky’s expression. He looks like he finds the whole thing ridiculous and would much rather be somewhere else.

  52. WOW, looks like a real hoot! Almost makes me wish we had snow here (nah) GREAT POST!

  53. it looks like so much fun, thanks for making me smile!

  54. They are so cute. but then how can you go wrong with animals and snow can you? You don’t know how lucky you are. We have very little snow in Australia so any white pics are fine by me.

  55. What a great way to have fun. Blessings on you all.

  56. Cool! Were learning about Balto and his run to save the kids, my blog is going to have a post about Balto too, he was a pretty couragous dog, i love huskeys! But i have only one, a beagle puppy named Kipper, plus a FEW” cats, and i love dogs!

  57. Aawww and Woooow! Thank you for sharing this! It looks like an amazing event! I’m a right softy when it comes to animals =] I would love to be able to go see this for real, looks like utter chaos and so much fun!

  58. The 16th picture is my favorite! Thanks for posting; I smiled the entire time I was reading. 🙂

  59. Great photos, looks like a lot of fun! Love the picture at the end of a dog with the little jockey riding it!

  60. Oh this looks like so much fun! It’s so refreshing to see people outdoors with their beloved dogs, getting some fresh air and having some hilarious fun!

  61. love it…

  62. Reblogged this on dreamer and commented:
    too cute

  63. Love the dogs! The whole idea looks fun! Thanks for the great post.

  64. What fun! Reminds me of back home (Canada)!

  65. Awesome 🙂

  66. Wow!!! 🙂

  67. This looks like the best fun, all the puppy dogs look so happy. Great photos, made me smile…lots

  68. That looks like so much fun. I know my pups would love it, they love the snow.

  69. awesome!! I wish we have snow and these cute dogs too….

  70. Great photos. It looks like it was a fun day. Doggy mayhem. A great range of breeds. Just goes to show that it’s not only the big working type dogs that can do the trick. Reminded me of many, many years ago when I was young and took the family dog for a walk while I wore my new roller skates. He darted into someone’s yard but I sailed past and ended up going head first over the fence.

  71. Oh man! I love dogs and I would definitely like to go to this one day!

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