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Ken and I enjoy road trips. We tend to travel with lots of stuff and this trip we took the truck so we could get all that stuff packed. What kind of stuff? Photo gear. Fishing gear. Clamming gear. Birding gear. Guitar. Books. Various clothes for various activities in a variety of weather conditions. Food – lots of food along with beer and wine. It was a good tour of a big part of the state starting here in the Methow where winter was loosening its grip, across the Cascades where 40″ of snow had fallen in the previous week, to the urban world north of Seattle where we were surprised to see new snow on the ground, and then across Puget Sound where it was sunny and dare I say it, warm. We reached Port Angeles that first night.


Sunset from our hotel in Port Angeles



From PA we drove up the Elwha River to the overlook of one of the now-removed Elwha Dams.



This sign graphic shows how it looked before, during and after the dam removal. Salmon have already returned to this river above the former dam site.



Part of Lake Crescent is in the Olympic National Park. It is cold and deep.



Old Storm King Ranger Station at Lake Crescent



Marymere Falls – a short popular hike from Lake Crescent



We saw these pretty blossoms in several places. I think they are a berry – maybe salmonberry?





The Dickey River – slow moving and flat and more reminiscent of Florida than Washington



We saw a river otter



This algae covered shoe had mussels growing inside of it. I wonder how long it was in the water and where it came from. Japan? It was on Rialto Beach.



A madronna log – driftwood on Rialto Beach



I could not get a better look at this moss covered nest as it was above my head. It was along the Hoh River.



This flower grew in many places with disturbed ground. I have no idea what it is.



Water pours out of a cliff side



Ruby Beach is more rocky than most of the beaches where we walked.


Looking down at Ruby Beach



Reflections along the way



Lots of interesting weather – mostly good



The Sandpiper



Some treasures from the beach



Two of the surf perch that Ken caught



Lots more, yet to come!


  1. I want to live at the King Ranger STation

  2. These are especially nice, bringing back memories of many motorcycle trips we’ve made to the Olympic Penninsula. Crescent Lake is exceptionally beautiful, isn’t it? Lovely photos, and well done Ken! How do the perch taste, and what did you use for bait? : )

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