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Snow fell last night and turned to rain and now it’s snowing again. Some of us feel that the snow is a little late this year. The pass out of here to the west closed this afternoon and it might not open again. So that brings us to ‘the end of the road’. Winthrop celebrates this during Thanksgiving weekend with Christmas carols, bonfires, Santa’s arrival and my favorite – winter fireworks! We watched last nights pyrotechnics from one of Winthrop’s pedestrian bridges and enjoyed their reflections on the Chewuch River. Friday we went to the mountains to get Christmas trees with our friends and we also found snow. There are few birds around these days. The local wintering species are few and far between and the interesting migrants from the north haven’t arrived. Well not at my house, anyway. And the puppy keeps growing.

After the dry and sometimes gray November it is time for a change of scenery.



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  1. Beautiful dog, she has got big bones. I am enjoying seeing pictures of her growing.

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