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Most years we head out in the forest with friends to find our Christmas trees but this year, it was just us. The road was covered in snow and we did not drive nearly as far into the forest as we have in the past. No point in trying to get stuck. Some people think that’s fun but not us! It did not take us long to find a nice Douglas fir that will grace our home for the holiday season. Of course, it was on the steepest hillside. The dogs and I trundled through the snow while Ken tied the tree to the top of the truck.

Snow fell last night and turned to rain and now it’s snowing again. Some of us feel that the snow is a little late this year. The pass out of here to the west closed this afternoon and it might not open again. So that brings us to ‘the end of the road’. Winthrop celebrates this during Thanksgiving weekend with Christmas carols, bonfires, Santa’s arrival and my favorite – winter fireworks! We watched last nights pyrotechnics from one of Winthrop’s pedestrian bridges and enjoyed their reflections on the Chewuch River. Friday we went to the mountains to get Christmas trees with our friends and we also found snow. There are few birds around these days. The local wintering species are few and far between and the interesting migrants from the north haven’t arrived. Well not at my house, anyway. And the puppy keeps growing.

After the dry and sometimes gray November it is time for a change of scenery.



In Search of the Perfect Christmas Tree

Our good friends and their enormous newfoundland dog joined us for the day. After much organizing and loading we all squeezed into our truck and headed for the forest with our US Forest Service Christmas Tree Permits in hand. It was a perfect winter day with lots of sunshine and some fresh snow. Not too much snow. Last year there was so much we could not get to our favorite spot. We were in luck this time. This is our fifth year here and Ken and I have gone out on Thanksgiving weekend each year to search for our own Christmas tree together. We have gone from taking four dogs with us to just one. Sam is no longer limber enough to traipse through the woods and is content to stay cozy and warm at home.


But first, their was a downed tree across the road blocking our way


Steve and Ken made short work of it


Dogs romped and played before the unfortunate dog incident where 120 pound Micah pounced on 60 pound Luna.


This is the place.


Em is ready to help with his own saw as his mom looks on


That’s our tree! Thank you tree. And thank you Steve and Kim for finding it!


Luna is no longer comfortable with Micah.


There’s the happy family with their perfect tree!


And through the woods we go.


It was a parade


Ken likes this


The tree is just the right size for our house.

Such a pretty day.


Here comes Kim with their small tree.


And the guys brought in a big one for them


Em got to ski while the trees were loaded on the truck


First time this year. I think he likes it.


Short days


Headed home


The tree is up. It has lights on it. Does it need more lights? Do you think I should stop now? What about the ornaments? And where’s the ladder? I’ll need that if there’s going to be star on top.

They’re Dogs. What do you think they dream about?


Christmas cookies at our house

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