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In March we are often blessed with bluebird skies and great ski conditions. This year is no exception, in fact it might be better than usual. With all the new snow last month, MVSTA will probably be grooming miles and miles of ski trails throughout March. Cold nights make for firm trail platforms and good crust skiing and bluebird skies call you to leave the computer behind and go outside.

Yesterday MA said that Big Valley was being groomed and we ought to go and take the dogs. Her dog, Frida will pull her for a real skijoring experience. I think Sky will be trying that next winter when she is full grown. That puppy is now well over fifty pounds and almost seven months old. At the river yesterday she had her first swimming experience! That’s a red letter day for any Labrador. She took to it just as I expected – with vigorous energy. Now we know why she has such big feet – they are her paddles.


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